TV Pilots

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TV Pilot - Horror / Drama


HOUSE LEFT BEHIND is a contemporary horror drama TV pilot. It just recently received Official Selections from the 2021 WeScreenplay TVPilot Competition and the Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards, as a several 8's and a 9 on The Blacklist.

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TV Pilot - Sci-Fi Drama


PLANET PRETTY KILL is a science fiction crime drama that has recently been received Official Selections from the 2021 ScreenCraft Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenwriting Competition, as well as the Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards.

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TV Pilot - Sci-Fi Drama


Hyper_Lucid is a science fiction drama TV pilot intended as an anthology about dreams. It was recently made an Official Selection by making it into the semifinals of the ScreenCraft Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenwriting Competition 2021, and the Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards.


TV Pilot - Sci-Fi Comedy


NOOB is a dark comedy I wrote that has been chosen as an Official Selection at the Chicago Screenplay Awards, Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards, New York International Screenplay Awards, and the Pitch Now Screenplay Competition.


TV Pilot - Sci-Fi Drama


VIRULENCE is a sci-fi drama currently chosen as an Official Selection by the Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards. 


TV Pilot - Comedy


I, KILLIAN is a mockumentary comedy series recently chosen as an Official Selection at the Screenwriting Master Contest.


TV Pilot - Sci-Fi Comedy


FRIENDS ON MARS is a science fiction comedy about a group of blue collar workers who are replaced by robots and are now forced to join The Leisure Class.


TV Pilot - Sci-Fi Comedy

TIMEJACKER is an animated science fiction comedy written by myself and Jorelle Almeda about a young man with an uncontrollable time travel ability.


The Walking Dead - Spec Script

THAW is a spec script of THE WALKING DEAD I wrote after being a big fan of the show for many years. The episode follows Daryl and Negan as they search of a missing Ezekiel.

Feature Films


Feature Film - Thriller


BLACKMAIL INC. is a love story about greed, addiction, and two long lost childhood friends who decide start up a business blackmailing powerful men in an effort to turn their lives around. 

Feature Film - Sci-Fi Drama


THE AFTERLIFE is a sci-fi drama that follows a scientist and his pursuit to capture the human soul and build an artificial afterlife for humankind.

Feature Film - Dramedy


INCANTATION OF THE FROZEN SUN  has been chosen as an Official Selection at the Beverly Hills Film Festival, and the Chicago Screenplay Awards in 2020.

Feature Film - Supernatural Thriller


COWARD is a thriller about a man haunted by supernatural nightmares who returns to the town of his youth to redeem himself from the mistakes of his past and save the young woman from his dreams before it's too late.

Dark Revolt - Supernatural Thriller


DARK REVOLT is a story about man on the verge of a nervous breakdown who disappears after transcribing a manuscript for a supernatural being.

Children's Books

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Children's Book

THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF BENDY is a children's book I wrote and illustrated. Published on and on sale at Amazon. Click HERE to check it out!

Short Film | Web Series


Short Film - Sci-Fi



Short Film - Comedy



Short Film - Romantic Comedy



Short Film - Supernatural Thriller


Webseries - Comedy


Graphic Novels


Graphic Novel Science Fiction

Graphic Novel - Horror

Graphic Novel - Supernatural Thriller

Sistren of Deviltry - Science Fiction

Graphic Novel - Science Fiction